What we can offer you

Web & Mobile Platform Development

♦ Static Web Sites

♦ Content Management Systems

♦ E-commerce Platforms

♦ Classified Platforms

♦ iOS & Android Applications

Creative Service Solutions

♦ Game Development

♦ 3D Modeling

♦ Augmented & Virtual Reality Application


IoT Solutions

♦ Customized Smart Hardware Devices

♦ Device Management Platform

Custom 3D Printing Services

3D printing facilities provided based off on custom requirements.


Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

♦ Social Media Advertising

♦ Website Monetization & Analysis

AI & Data Science Services

Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, data visualization, providing insights to businesses to take strategic decisions based off on customer data etc.

Enterprise Application System Development

♦ Customer Relationship Management 

♦ Point Of Sale Systems 

♦ Purchase and Sales Planning

♦ Project Management

♦ Timesheet, HR & Employee Management 

♦ Helpdesk and Support 

♦ Inventory Management Systems

♦ Management Resource Planning

♦ Accounting and Invoicing

Robotic & Digital Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the utilization software comprising of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities or in other words using virtual bots to emulate human actions when executing repetitive and high-volume tasks whereas Digital Process Automation (DPA) is focused in automating processes to improve the overall customer experience. DPA uses software to perform processes and automate tasks with the goal of completing and optimizing a workflow.

Contact Center As A Service

Taloslogy CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is an end to end business solution providing comprehensive, 24×7 operational contact center for all business-related communications.

Some of the services provided include: 24×7 trilingual customer support and help-desk support, inquiry logging, social media assistance and live chat support, telemarketing, Invoice coordination/tracking/updating delivery status of orders etc.

World’s only end-to-end restaurant & hotel management system providing a number of comprehensive modules for your business needs including POS facilities, online restaurant, dashboards, whatsapp/Facebook order processing, Delivery driver modules, Manager/Admin modules, mobile app for customers and many more.

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